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Turning raw mental healthcare data into actionable insights

Advances in data science and Electronic Medical Records open up unprecedented opportunities for improving our healthcare delivery, which will redefine what it means to practice psychiatry.

Larger volumes of detailed patient information are now accumulating in electronic format than would have been conceivable 20–30 years ago, which is transforming the way mental health conditions can be understood and treated.

Our Mental Health Products & Services
MindLinc EMR
MindLinc EMR

A comprehensive electronic behavioural health records management system and extensive repository of data on psychiatric clinical care. This enables seamless integration, benchmarking, simple billing, cutting-edge research, and increased efficiency in care.

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MindLinc Analytics
MindLinc Analytics

Through advanced analytics powered by the MindLinc Global Database, we can leverage patient data to better understand patient segments within different mental disorders, apply this knowledge to optimise treatment, and provide more reliable predictive models for future interventions.

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MindLinc seamlessly integrates mental & behavioural health and practice management at all levels, regulatory management, research, and evidence-based quality improvement.
Real World Impact

Data analytics provides us with the capacity to drive forward a step-change in mental health provision and research. Analysis of longitudinal clinical data from EMRs creates the potential to:

Data-enabled, human-driven

Closer collaboration between the data science and mental healthcare sectors is enabling increased efficiency, cost reductions and profound new analytical insights to drive better care.

  • 1
    Critical decision-making
  • 2
    Model simulation
  • 3
    Data-driven treatment
  • 4
    Measurable proof of progress
  • 5
    Centralised information
  • 6
    Invaluable time saved
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